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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and their answers for the convenience of CM Logistics users. You can select the category and your question so that it will take you to the corresponding answer. You can also post any specific questions by sending your query to info@www.cmlworld.com

CM Logistics (India) Pvt. Ltd. have a network all over India, Japan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Bangladesh and across most part of the globe. You can get list of our office address from CONTACT US page.


Including freight forwarding we do provide other services such as Palletization, Insurance, Transport, Arrange Certificates origin, Legalisation, FSSAI registration, Licensing and other Custom Formalities.

We generally do not book Meat Product, inflammable articles, hazardous materials and contraband items which are banned under the law of the land.

There are inherent risk factors during transit period. For safeguard, one should need Insurance Cover irrespective of the fact whether the goods are booked under Owner’s Risk (OR) or Carriers Risk (CR).

When a consignment arrives at its destination and delivery of the same is not undertaken by the party within a reasonable time period, the above charges become applicable.

  1. Arms and Ammunitions (Bullets, Weapons), Cordite, Dynamite, Gunpowder or any kind Explosives.
  2. Currency of any Nationality
  3. Gold, Silver and other Precious metals
  4. Acids, Acetone, Acetylene (liquid), spirits and gases of any kind.
  5. Petroleum or its derivatives.
  6. Any Combustible material having a flash point below 73 f (23 degree centigrade).
  7. Skin, Horns, Bones f wild animals, as prohibited under Indian Wildlife Act.
  8. Narcotic/Psychotropic drugs.

In addition to above, goods which are banned for transportation by Government of India.

With CM Logistics, shippers will get the data electronically from their vendors, process it through their ERP systems and then generate and send the shipment information to the Forwarder and/or CHA. This will save them a lot of data entry costs, data transfer errors and communication costs.

Yes, we handle DG shipments of all classes as we have DG qualified staff with us.

We have a good experience in assessing FSSAI registration for different edible items.

We have custom bonded warehouse in our network and we can arrange this facility for short term/long term basis.

For value added services, we employ trained staff who can easily handle packing/re-packing, labelling/marking, palletization activities at our warehouse.

We proud to state that we have our own office in Tokyo, Japan.

Since we have a great network of overseas agents and companies, we can handle any shipment from any part of work to any part of the world. Moreover, we have number of renowned global WCA network.

Yes, we handle all type of project cargo and ODC cargo as we have specialised export team to handle the same.

A complaint can be e-mailed at- customercare@www.cmlworld.com  | info@www.cmlworld.com 

** Disclaimer All the features and benefits mentioned herein will be available on CM Logistics portal subject to successful testing and phase wise roll out. For any queries get in touch with us at INFO@CMLWORLD.COM**

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