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Multi Modal Transportation

Multi-modal transportation at CML is an effective way to interconnect various modes of transportation service we offer, including air, sea, and land. One of the major concerns while shipping international, be it large or small consignments are the various companies you have to hire for safeguarding your package in different modes of transportation. Well, not we have cut that chase to simply coming down to CML. Our effective processes, efficient methods and cost-effective door to door services will surely help you reduce the time on delivery while finding multi-modal transportation services under a single roof.

At CML you can rest assured while a world-class network, linking airlines, roadways, railways, and shipping chain is working to provide you quality services at the best- found prices. Hire us for planned multi modal transportation services that help you be on the top of your game while being light on your pocket. We can help you with the planning and execution of all types of cargo multi modal transportation services. We offer you diverse packaging solutions including refrigerated shipment containers, supply chain management, and other inland vehicles.

Multi Modal Services

  • Delivered Duty Paid Shipments (DDP Shipment)
  • Delivered Duty Unpaid Shipments (DDU Shipment)
  • Cargo picked up on cost and insurance terms (CI–Shipments)
  • Cargo picked up on cost and freight paid terms (CF-Shipments)
  • Cargo picked up on cost insurance and freight paid terms (CIF Shipments)
  • Free on-board Shipment. Services for port to port or air to airport by carrier (FOB Shipment)
  • Cargo picked up from shipper’s warehouse or factory (Extra works)

Multi Modal Benefits

  • Enjoy efficiency and widespread network that ensures Faster Transit of Cargo
  • Leverage well-established information network to reduce the burden of documentation and other formalities
  • Our Route planning and perfect execution Saves you cost
  • Our well-organized resourcing establishes a single point of contact
  • Our efficient agent network spread across the globe minimizes time loss at Trans-shipment points
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