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CM Logistics (CML) is one of the principal international freight-forwarding companies based in Delhi/India and an IATA-approved cargo agent.

We have all the necessary infrastructure in place to handle many kinds of freight requirement with utmost concern. We also have a team of dedicated professionals that is on call round the clock and enjoy an excellent relationship with our customers.

We have got a comprehensive network of global alliance so that we are well equipped to handle shipments to and from virtually any location in the world.

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Majestic Auto Ltd.

Structured procedures and systems at CML make a difference and things moves ruthlessly.

Sumitomo Corporation

Best Service with no hurdles in the feature of CML

Titicaca Co. Ltd.

CM Logistics rates are always found to be competitive with no comparison on load of service.

Wonder Staff Co. Ltd.

We are working together with CM Logistics for over years. Their staff is knowledgeable and their response time is prompt. Just want to say a big THANK YOU to CM Logistics – you have a great team!

Tokyo Kankan Ltd.

In our market we have to be represented worldwide by reliable agents, and CM Logistics has made sure that we can do that by having an excellent Network.

K. Onishi Co. Ltd.

CM Logistics is one of our most trusted agents / suppliers, we truly consider CM Logistics to be one of the "Partners" in World Partners Group.

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